Gas Pricing Games

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English: Congestion Pricing Equilibrium

English: Congestion Pricing Equilibrium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gas pricing games drive me absolutely crazy. I watch the prices on the way to work taking note of the lowest. On a recent trip, I bypassed my usual station since they have been running a couple of pennies higher than the cheapest. They used to be the cheapest.

So a new station has recently opened, and they have a price that is 10 cents less. It is a Marathon station, but no car wash – so they must be driving new business as the new kids on the block, right?

Marathon is one of the stations notorious for putting a price on the board, but when you get to the pump you find that you have to buy a car wash to get that price. How many times have you been caught by that one?

But even with no car wash – the price on the pump was higher. It was after work, and dark, and I was not in the mood to truck myself over to find out why the price was higher.

The funny thing is – with a 15 gallon tank, how much does a few cents a gallon matter? Not much, right? Its just the principle!

Do you drive out of your way to save a few cents?

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