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Is anyone else having a problem deciding who to vote for?

It seems that every day I see or hear something to change my mind.

How this candidate is bad, or how this policy won’t work, or how the facts they state are wrong.

Are they lying or just misinformed? I wish I knew.

Graham Nash and David Crosby say that a Romney win would be a disaster. Yet another article says Wall Street will skyrocket the day after Romney is elected. I’ll bet that’s true.

The movie 2016: Obama’s America will scare the pants off of you. Very unsettling. You should watch it.

So many people complain that they don’t want to vote – that neither candidate is going to help us. And they complain that in Illinois, its pretty well settled anyway. They feel that their vote doesn’t matter.

Oh, but there are other positions on the ballot. What about them? Have you taken the time to look into their positions on the issues? I haven’t. Not nearly enough.

I have some homework to do, and difficult decisions to make.

How are you doing with it? Are you as frustrated as I am?

I know that I want to vote against anyone who supports Monsanto, and any of the so called food safety and supplement legislation. Here is a list of Monsanto supporters if you are interested –

And as far as affordable health care – our premiums have skyrocketed, and the co-pays have more than doubled. Affordable healthcare?  Thanks a lot.

And where are the jobs? Does either candidate have any sort of workable solution?

Should we be cutting our military in this day and age? Doesn’t that seem dangerous to you?

Romney was putting together aid shipments for Hurricane Sandy victims today. Where was Obama?

So many questions – and so little time.

What issues are important to you?

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1 thought on “Frustrating Election – undecided voter

  1. Carole Post author

    I just got an email offering 2016: Obama’s America for $4.95. You don’t have to buy it. You can watch it for free at the link above.

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