Fresh new takes on the BLT

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Grilled club sandwich

Along with summer comes tons of fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing says summer more than a club sandwich with cool crisp lettuce and a big juicy slice of luscious tomato, and of course BACON!

But while the plain old BLT is great, there are fresh new takes on this old favorite.

Tonight I made a copycat recipe. It was a grilled club sandwich. I was trying to make one from memory, but all I could find was the Applebee’s version.

The one I was craving had more of an Italian dressing*. But I knew Bob would like this one. And it was really good.

It was turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese, with a dressing of mayo and bbq sauce on grilled thick sliced bread.

You butter one side of the bread and put them in the pan, butter side down. Spread each lightly with whichever dressing you are using. Top one slice with cheese. Top the other slice with sliced turkey and bacon (that you already cooked up.)  When the bread is golden brown, remove to a plate. Add your lettuce and tomato, put together and enjoy!

I served it up with green beans and watermelon.

I got my friend Bob to eat lettuce, tomato, green beans and watermelon in one meal!

I’m stuffed!

Want a lighter version?

Put the turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato in a tortilla. Try spreading the tortilla with avocado first for added taste and a nutritional punch!

Or you could wrap it all in a big lettuce leaf.

Or you can put it all in a bowl and eat it as a salad.

No matter what version you choose, it pairs well with melon.

Black olives are always fun.

Enjoy the foods of the season!

  • When I searched for Italian sub sandwich dressing, I kept finding that they essentially put the lettuce and tomato in a bowl, toss it with an olive oil Italian dressing, and them put that on the sandwich. I haven’t tried it that way yet.

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