Fresh Foods are best, but…

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You know, healthy eating isn’t always easy for me either. I indulged in a McGriddle this morning. Yep, I was running late and it’s filling. I picked up a fruit and walnut salad to have on hand for later. Not the healthiest, but I like them anyway.


I had a chimi for lunch, with the fruit salad on the side. OK, I got some protein and some fruit – but not the healthiest choices. Not horrible, but not great.


For dinner, I had mostaccioli with my own sauce, a salad with green leaf lettuce, broccoli, and green onion (very green), and garlic bread, and orange juice. OK, much better – except maybe the garlic bread, but I only ate one piece.


And I made sure to take all of my vitamins – washed down with cranberry juice. And you can bet that I’ll have some ice cream before too long.


So, what’s the point?


You’ll have people who insist that you should only eat vegetables and fish, and maybe a little fruit. They tell you that if you’re not eating this way – you’ll surely die. What rubbish. Yeah, you’ll die of boredom!


You’re body is very complex. It needs many, many nutrients.


Some meat is good for you.


Some wine is good for you.


Some beer is even good for you.


Some salt is essential.


Yes, you should eat lots of fruits and vegetables. But that should not be your whole diet. You need more than that.


Make it a point to just start. Start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Start to move away from packaged foods.


If you ate your fruits and vegetables, and you want to have some ice cream – have a scoop or two. If you feel really guilty – go take a walk.


You can be healthy and enjoy eating too. The whole key is balance and moderation.


One of the problems that a lot of us have, is feeling like we’ve eaten something healthy. With all the news coming out about how they’re messing with our food, its hard to feel good about what we’re eating, isn’t it?


There’s been a big movement towards buying fresh food. For some people that means shopping at places like Whole Foods and paying premium prices. For others it means shopping more at farmers markets.


But it can be really hard to find where to buy fresh food in your area.


I found a really cool site that will help you find the freshest food in your area. It covers listings for where to get organic produce and meats.


You’ll be eating better tasting food, that’s better for you, and you’ll be supporting your local farmers. I think that’s a win-win, don’t you?


And don’t forget, you can find the complete common sense guide to eating healthy for average people who like food >>>