Forget people – protect the animals

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KOMODO ISLAND, Indonesia was a quiet little area where people and Komodo dragons lived peacefully side by side. It is the only place on earth where you can still find Komodo Dragons in the wild.

But that has started to change. Komodo Dragons are now attacking people, and the villagers are scared. What changed?

It seems that the people used to feed the Komodo Dragons. They were able to pet, play with, and even hug the dragons. But then the government ruled that they could no longer feed the dragons because they would lose their ability to hunt and that would eventually kill them.

Now they hunt all right, and people are prey.

While it’s all nice and sentimental to want to keep an animal in it’s original chracter, I guess – is it right to do so when it endangers human life?

I have to question where our priorities are sometimes. People care more about the treatment of chickens than they do the treatment of children. They worry more about adopting cats and dogs than they do about taking care of orpaned, hungry, or abused children.

The people of Komodo Island had a peaceful co-existance with the Komodo Dragons. Why mess with it? Is the wildness of the Komodo Dragon more valuable than the lives, or even the peace of mind of the human residents?

Makes no sense to me…

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