Foods that help keep your teeth clean

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Picture days and holidays zooming up – you might be thinking about how your smile is looking. According to, these bone healthy foods will also help keep your teeth clean – 

Apples – 

The crunchy texture of apples gives your gums a “workout” that keeps them strong. The juiciness and sweet-tart flavor stimulate the salivary glands, which helps neutralize the acid produced by bacteria in the mouth. Saliva also washes away germs and food particles before they have a chance to harbor bacteria and produce plaque.


Despite their bright red color, strawberries do not stain teeth. In fact, their malic acid content is a natural astringent that removes superficial staining on teeth.


Onions have a reputation for producing bad breath…but that’s one of the ways they help whiten your teeth! The oniony aftertaste encourages you to brush.

Additionally, onions contain no pigment, so they do not stain teeth. Like its potent cousin garlic, onions contain allicin, an antimicrobial compound that helps keep bacteria from proliferating on your teeth.


Pears are very juicy and flavorful, thus inducing saliva production and washing away bacteria and food residue. In addition, eating pears neutralizes bacteria that can contribute to staining.

Carrots & Celery

This crunchy duo has high water content, helping to wash away impurities on your teeth. And the crisp, crunchy texture helps strengthen gums and dislodge food debris.

Nuts & Seeds

There are many foods in this category, but when it comes to whitening teeth, all nuts and seeds have an abrasive quality when chewed. This acts like a scrub brush on your teeth, removing plaque and stains.


Munching on raw broccoli helps scrub off dental stains, and its texture prevents it from sticking to your teeth.

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  1. Yoshiko Flora

    I find it awesome that you said that eating strawberries can help remove teeth stains. When you said that, it reminded me of my cousin, who asked me for help to make her look good before she goes on a business trip next week. Aside from letting her eat each item on the list, I will also bring her to a dental service this weekend. Doing this will help her be able to eat, smile, and talk properly in her future trip.

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