Food Safety, or Food Mafia?

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Does it bother you that the government can make it illegal to save your own seeds and grow them next year?

Does it strike fear in your heart to know that provisions like these are to be enforced by Homeland Security?

That’s right – armed forces can come down upon your home for growing a garden.


Because in this down economy  Рpeople are taking to producing their own food, and selling the surplus. That directly digs into big company profits.

Don’t think for a minute that the food safety bill is for your safety.

We thought we upset the applecart last week, didn’t we? But the food safety bill is set to move forward Wednesday.

Please take a few minutes and head over to my post at Rebel With a Fork for more information.

I can’t stress how important this is to all of you.

Ask anyone who has come from a communist country and watch the fear in their eyes. We’re not kidding around here.

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