Food of the Gods


With just one taste of this “Food of the Gods”, entire civilizations have fallen under it’s spell. Legend has it that one of the Aztec Gods was kicked out of the heavens for letting mere humans have this food which should have only been partaken of by the Gods.


It has been used for currency.


People have been enslaved just to produce this food.


For thousands of years only the ultra wealthy were able to partake in its wonders.


What is this Food of the Gods? Chocolate of course!


In the Mayan culture, the chocolate drink was consumed at weddings.


Casanova ate chocolate to improve his love-making.



Valentines day is the biggest chocolate giving time of the year. The act of eating chocolate, if done correctly, is sensual in itself.


The proper way to eat chocolate –


Get one piece of exquisite chocolate. Not the grocery store garbage. A good piece.


Take a good look at it. Anticipate taking that first lucious bite.


Slowly, take a bite. (do not shove the whole thing in your mouth!)


Close your eyes.


Let the chocolate melt over your tastebuds.


Slowly relish the creamy sweetness until it dissolves.


Repeat with the other half of the piece.


Take a deep breath.


Experience the release of the ‘feel good’ hormones as they bring total pleasure to your consciousness.


Take another deep breath.


Try this exercise with your lover and see what happens next!


No rushing allowed. 😉


Ahhhh. Is it any wonder that this ‘Food of the Gods’ is such an important part of Valentine’s Day?


Chocolate should never be shoveled in by the truckload. That is for commoners. Do not disgrace this food of the gods. Eat it with full reverence.


You don’t have to pay $2 or more per piece to get truly delectible chocolate. You can make your own.




Truffles with nuts and chocolate dusting in de...

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Belgian Chocolate Truffles


2 pounds of Belgian chocolate (or any brand of good quality chocolate)


One quart of heavy cream


1/4 lb. unsalted butter


1/3 C liqueur of choice


cocoa powder


Melt chocolate and cream over a double boiler.


Whisk in butter and liqueur.


Continue to whisk as the mixture cools and thickens.


Pour into quart containers and refrigerate.


Scoop out with melon baller, roll in powdered cocoa.




Get hundreds of wonderful chocolate recipes >>>




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2 thoughts on “Food of the Gods

  1. Fiona

    “Chocolate should never be shoveled in by the truckload. That is for commoners. Do not disgrace this food of the gods. Eat it with full reverence.”

    You hit it on the head there Carole!
    I am a great believer in “Quality” over “Quantity”..
    Nothing to beat a couple of small squares of the black stuff every day. It’s good for us too.
    I just LOVE the Chocolate recipes in “Your Favorite Easy Chocolate Recipes” Easy to make, and WHAT a selection! 🙂

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