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  Microsoft, of all people, has put up a flu assessment test that will give you advice on whether you have flu, whether you need to just say home and get some rest, or whether you need to see a doctor. The concern is that people will be flooding doctor’s offices and hospitals because of the swine flu scare, and most probably won’t need it. Plus, the more you’re out and about when you don’t need to be, the longer it takes to recover – not to mention the bigger the chance of spreading around even more. I think it’s a brilliant idea, and a useful tool. Here’s the link – https://h1n1.cloudapp.net/Default.aspx Don’t forget to do the most you can to prevent getting sick in the first place. Part of the reason you haven’t heard from me is there is this bug, or 2 going around at the spa. I’m the last one standing. There was one stomach flu going around, and now a second different one seems to be making the rounds. And it spreads fast. I went back in to cover for my boss tonight, and the other girl started feeling bad. They had been working together for a couple of hours. I’m in serious attack mode eating immune boosting foods and taking extra vitamin C. I think I’m even going to make a pot of chicken soup. Review this artcle and make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep you and your family healthy – Swine Flu – 20 Ounces of Prevention Take care of yourself!

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