Fixing the bad ceiling

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I’ve got my supplies and I’m trying to get myself motivated for the next project – the great room ceiling.

When the ceiling was done, or redone – whenever that was last century… they did a really poor job. All of the seams are visible because they didn’t mud it and make sure the ceiling was smooth.

On top of that, over the years there have been poor patch jobs that weren’t sanded out, and excess paint strips. On a wall you would call them drips, but on a ceiling? To make it even worse, the ceiling is painted in a cream color semi gloss so it reflects every imperfection, and never looks clean.

I’ve tried to capture pictures so you could see what I’m talking about –

Sorry about the shadows. The ceiling isn’t really that dark and dirty! You can see where I’ve started sanding some of the blobs.

You know what the worst part of this is? Cleaning up after the sanding. I bought joint compound that says it reduces airborne dust by 60%, and sands and finishes easily, and a sanding block that says it creates less airborne dust. We’ll see.

And after all the prep work – who feels like painting?

I hate doing ceilings – don’t you?

It’s such a long process, mud the seams, patch,  let dry, sand, wash, let dry, prime, let dry, paint…

At least I have lots of good food on hand – pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, broccoli salad, chocolate… even a couple beers – just in case.

I just have to keep reminding myself how good its going to look – and that the holidays are coming up really fast…

I hope you have a better weekend than me!


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