First Summer Party of the Year

summer bonfireAnimal House Update –

We had our first warm day, and sure enough – a party.

Bob told me that he was thinking about having a fire, and he named a few people he was going to invite.

I was going to be out for the day, so I made sure the house was nice and clean before I left.

When I got home, Bob and a few people were sitting out in the yard around the fire. OK, I can handle that.

Then the kids started filing in. I’m thinking, Oh no, here it comes…

It turned out to be a nice party. No one got rowdy. No neighbors complained. Everyone had a nice time.

I had plans to go visit my daughter Sunday, and I got to bed late, so I didn’t clean up.

I had a nice day with my daughter. I was a little sluggish from not getting enough sleep. When I returned Sunday night, I did end up having to clean the kitchen and wash the floor. I was a little ticked about that, but overall – not too bad.

It sure was a busy weekend! I’m tired.

I’m hoping that there are not parties every weekend, and that the parties stay as mellow as this one was.

And I don’t think I told you – my cleaning sister fell off a cliff on a riding lawnmower when she went down to see her mother and brother in Georgia. The retaining wall gave out. I guess she landed 30 feet down with the lawnmower on top of her. She came home with a broken arm. She’s very lucky! I’ve been working a lot more hours for her. Yep! I’m keeping busy!

Thank heaven its easy to keep the house clean!

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