Finding Time for Everything

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Is your life a bit chaotic? Always running around with never enough time? It’s probably the way your Mom lived too. It’s actually the way most people live – because no one ever taught you how to live any differently.

Just imagine if you could spend an evening in my life. What would it be like to come home to a clean home, make a healthy dinner, and still have a few hours to spend however you like? Would you like to try?

OK, here goes –

You come in the door after a hard day at work. The house is clean and inviting. You close the door on the outside world. Whew – It’s nice to be home!

You sit down for a few minutes and sort through the mail. One pile to be dealt with goes on the desk. Catalogs and magazines go in their own bin to be read later. The rest goes in the garbage. (5-10 minutes.)

An attractive dinner setting

You set out to make dinner. The chicken has been marinating all day. Yum.

You wash and poke your potatoes and put them in the microwave. You put the chicken in the pan to cook. While those are cooking, you throw together a great salad. 10 – 15 minutes later, dinner is ready. Eat up! (30-40 minutes depending on how much you talk.)

You put the dishes in the sink to soak, or in the dishwasher to wash. (2-5 minutes.)

Now you have time to work on your business, or work on a hobby, or do some cleaning, or help your kids with homework, or take a walk, or get some exercise, or take your kids to soccer or scouts, or call a friend, or anything other than plopping in front of the brain drain machine (TV). (2-3 hours)

As you wind down, you finish the dishes and wipe up the kitchen. (It only takes 15 minutes MAX when you do it most every day.)

You pick up around the house, and maybe do one little household chore, like dust and get it out of the way. (15 minutes)

You do a quick once over on the bathroom before heading off to bed. (2 minutes)

You go to bed feeling pretty good about how much you accomplished today!

As you can see, I have plenty of time for everything – except TV. Even my daughter isn’t a big TV watcher. We have more life to live. We’ll usually watch a movie or two a week. NetFlix is a great service! The local library can’t be beat.

You can live life, or watch it on TV. You have the same 24 hours I do. How you choose to spend it is up to you.

I hope you enjoyed an evening in my life. Now go and make it your own!

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