12 ways to find extra money

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1.   Plan your menus and grocery list around the sale paper

2.   Use coupons.

3.   Shop on coupon doubling days.

4.   Only buy things if they’re on sale.

5.   Only buy things you truly love.

6.   Review your phone service. Are you getting the best deal?

7.   Ditto for car insurance.

8.   Drop loose change into a jar. It adds up quick!

9.   Carry a small memo pad. Write down every cent you spend. A real eye-opener!

10. Sell your used books that are in good condition at Amazon.

11. Clean out closets, storeroom, kids rooms. Plan a garage

sale, or sell items on eBay, or bring to a consignment

shop, or donate to charity for a tax write-off. 

12. Get rid of gas guzzling cars and trucks.