Fighting Poverty in Our Own Backyard

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A neighbor and I were having a conversation the other day about the state of the economy and people losing their houses. Somehow our conversation turned to all the pitches we get for donations – save a  tree, save a dog, feed peanut butter to kids in I forget what country…

Now those are all great causes – but who are we when we’ll feed a dog before we’ll feed a hungry child on the next block, or we won’t help the single mom down the street, or the family of 4 that can’t afford to pay the electric bill, or the grandmother who can’t afford senior living but shouldn’t be living alone, or the people setting up tent communities again, or any number of people who are suffering right here, right now.

Why is it less noble to help our own?

I’ve recently started following @emom on twitter, and today I’ve spent a lot of time at her blog – Which is a great site full of great business tips.

But this particular article really struck a chord – Free Business Resources from Bloggers Fighting Poverty in Our Own Backyard.

If you are struggling and need to find another source of income – check out this article. You may just find some help.



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