Fighting for what you believe in

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Are you getting politically weary? Tired of having to fight for everything that’s important to you? I know I have.

Heck, you have to fight for your right to take supplements, to grow your own food, to have access to safe food, to even own your own seeds, to have affordable health care, to have a job, and the list goes on and on and on.

Admittedly over the last few weeks I’ve tuned out and focused on doing things I need to do to take care of my own life. But an email caught my trigger finger off guard – and I read it. It got my rebel, I’m not going to take this lying down blood boiling again.

Here’s the story that gave rebirth to my will to fight –

Will BHO’s Secret Weapon Emerge?

Mon, 01/25/2010 – 10:48

As the angry, arrogant – and now severely wounded – “leader” of our nation revs up to fight back against mounting public opposition to his progressive policies, one is beginning to wonder if he might deserve to inherit Saddam’s title of the Master of Miscalculation.   Read the rest of the story …

I’m going to reserve comment. I want to hear what you think. Pitch in!



4 thoughts on “Fighting for what you believe in

  1. Jan

    I was just reading an article about this:
    Mall to Christians: God talk banned! Arguments have moved to the appellate court level in a California case in which a man talking to two willing strangers in a shopping mall was arrested because the subject of the conversation was God.
    They also aren’t allowed to wear religious tee shirts in the mall.

  2. Carole Post author

    Hi Jan,

    Glad to see we shook you out of the woodwork 😉

    I had to wonder if religious only means Christian, or if it applies to all religions. I’m betting a Kabala t-shirt would be perfectly ok.

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