Feeling Scammed, even though I know better

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Monday I got one of those mailers from a car dealer – scratch to see what you’ve won!

OK, so I scratched – and my number matched $750. I looked over the piece looking for the catch. Couldn’t find it. I had my neighbor and her sister look at it. It appeared I may have won – but we know these car dealers right?

We know they want to sell you a car. When I walk in, I am approached by a nice looking man named Jeff. Not wearing a wedding ring ladies…

Anyway, if I was in the market for a car, I would have been interested. They are doing a liquidation sale. Jeff said they could give me a check for my car, and I wouldn’t have payments for 3 months. Tempting, but no, I’ll just take my prize.

Of course the catch was it was one of the prizes in that section, though it doesn’t say that anywhere. I got a copy of the Buffalo Gold coin. The real one is worth some bucks. The copy? Worthless.

Even though we know these car dealers do this crap all the time, you still feel scammed, don’t you? And like my neighbor says, they have to give those prizes to someone. Someone has to win.

The ads must work. They do them over and over again.

Do you read these ads when they come? Do you ever try to see what you won? And don’t you feel scammed when they tell you that you really didn’t win anything?

And have you ever bought a car because of one of these ads?

Once I told him I was going to blog about what happened, he wanted nothing more to do with me. I’m heartbroken. He really was cute. Oh well….

If you’re in the market for a used car, it sounds like there are some good deals to be had at the Gregory Auto Outlet thru Sat. And Jeff is part of the liquidation team. He’ll be gone.


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