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I’m so sorry I haven’t written much lately. The 10, 11, 12 hours days are really getting to me, and I’m sure you don’t want to constantly hear about how I’m surviving by the skin of my teeth (and still have a pretty clean house 😉

Afterall, aren’t I supposed to be Superwoman? Able to handle everything, and still have a clean house, a healthy diet, and get 8 hours of sleep to boot?

It really pains me to admit that I have reached my limit.

My eating habits have slipped a little. Not horrible, but not as good as they should be. I’m making an effort to get back to better eating.

And my writing both on the blogs, and the new ebook have slipped too.

What really hurts the most is the fact that I can’t change things right now. Busy season will end in its own time, and life will get back to normal – but it has gone on far too long for my liking. I want it to stop NOW.

I hate not being in control. Can you tell?

I am taking a mental health day tomorrow to enjoy some of the last bits of warm weather, and hopefully finish that ebook!

I’m not going to clean house, or paint, or dig up gardens. Imagine that…

We’ll see how that goes.

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2 thoughts on “feeling ignored?

  1. Dan

    A mental health day sounds exactly what is needed. Stop and smell the roses was good advice when someone first conceptualized it and is even more so now. And you are NOT ignored, at least on your blog.

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