FDA Claims not enough time

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The FDA is always crying that they don’t have enough time or manpower to do the inspections that we require and expect to keep our food supplies safe. Look at the latest tomato fiasco.

Oh, but they have time to pander to Big Pharma and debate on whether naturally occuring vitamins and nutrients are really drugs because some company came up with a sythetic version that they sell as a drug.

It happened last year with red yeast rice. Now B6 is the target. Can you believe it?

B6 is a potent, very important nutrient. A deficiency can cause many problems. So, correcting the deficiency would of course cure the disease that the deficiency caused in the first place. This is true of many diseases that are caused, or exacerbated by the lack of nutrients. Anyone with half an ounce of nutrional understanding knows this.

Is that what makes it a drug?

No. What makes it a drug is when Big Pharma creates a fake version that they sell as a drug to treat the disease that the deficiency caused in the first place, and then they petition the FDA to regulate the original nutrient because ‘look, it’s a drug that you approved!’

This, the FDA has plenty of time for.

Would they please appoint someone with half an ounce of common sense to head up the agency that is responsible for the health of the nation (not the profits of Big Pharma).  I think that was their purpose, wasn’t it?

Anyway – to find out more here is a good article, with links to the petition.


We have to stay on top of this stuff. If they think they can quietly push things like this through, they will. They did it last year, and they’ll do it again.

Who should we vote for for president? How about someone who will completely overhaul this ridiculous agency? How about someone who will put the health and well being of the people who elected him above all else? Yeah, right. That candidate already lost.

Every good mother knows you can’t take care of everyone else unless you take care of yourself first.

That’s what we need – A Good Mother for President!

Or maybe Mike Litman. He says, “Save yourself first, and THEN save the world.” I think that’s a sound principle. How about you?

OK, enough rambling. Go read the article, and sign the petition if you are so moved.

See ya later…


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’