Fat Friday


Are you feeling guilty about all the food you ate yesterday?


If you read my last post, you shouldn’t feel too terrible. But if you’re anything like me – that food just kept calling my name.


Oh sure, I worked off a lot helping clean the kitchen. And I still had to walk hyper-dog when I got home, but did I really need 3 pieces of lemon meringue pie? I couldn’t help it. I had to eat that last piece before I went to bed…


But I don’t feel guilty. A few days a year, I indulge in stuffing myself silly – but today I’ll return to my normal healthy eating.


Is your guilt part of a bigger problem?


Are you trapped in your own lifestyle? Unhealthy habits that have developed over the years that have grave consequences? Eating too many of the wrong foods, not getting any exercise?


Are you worried about diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or cancer? Worried that if you don’t change your unhealthy habits, your life will be more painful, and much shorter?


The truth is, our self-inflicted injuries accumulate over time.

Little things start to go wrong – blood pressure, sugar levels, cholesterol, and arthritis. One more prescription here and there. 


How much longer do you want to live this way because you are captive to your own unhealthy habits?


As with many things in life – True change comes from within. Whether its quitting smoking, or making a million dollars, or losing weight and getting healthy – it all starts with a decision.


Decide today to make the change.

2 thoughts on “Fat Friday

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  2. single mom seeking

    Thanks for coming to my site… and leading me back here! Very amazing blog you’ve got here. I’ll be back for more!

    Every Thanksgiving, I’m always intrigued by what all the food brings up in people, including yours truly: the guilt, the anxiety, the tension…. and the simple pleasure of eating! Fascinating.

    single mom seeking’s last blog post..Blogging is like breastfeeding

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