Fat Donations Happily Accepted

Summer vacation is over. After being active all summer –
I’ve managed to lose a few more pounds. Problem is –
I’m trying to gain weight!

There is a downside to being thin.

Yes there is. I have a hard time buying clothes too. Try
finding a size 4 tall. There are some, but few and far

So, what can I do? Go back to eating fast foods? Eat more
packaged foods? Go back to drinking? None of those are
very good options. I might try to add a glass of wine a
day, but being an ex-alcoholic, they say I have to be
careful. I think that’s a subject for another blog…

So, there’s the fattening, life threatening options.
But I don’t really want a heart attack, or diabetes, or
cancer. So what now?

I can go back to body building. I probably will once
the weather gets cooler and I’m not able to be outside
as much.

I’ve also started eating a protein bar a day for more
protein and calories.

If anyone would like to donate about 10 pounds, I’ll
gladly take it!

And it’s not just me. My daughter gains weight when
she’s at her dad’s. I have another friend who has converted,
and she’s been dropping weight. She actually kind of fell
off the wagon over the summer. She didn’t gain any weight
though. She just stayed the same – which was OK – she’s
a size 8 now. But now that school is back in, and she’s
getting back to the routine – the weight loss has started
again – just that quick. I feel bad though. She just
bought 4 new suits that are going to be too big this
time next year.

Eat like me – and you too can have this problem. It’s
actually easier to lose weight than it is to gain it.
Just wait. You’ll see.

That’s right. You’ll eat, and eat, and eat, and still lose
weight. Never imagined you could have that problem, did you?

Until next time – eat well!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’

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