Fast Food Blues

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English: A selection of value-menu hamburgers ...

English: A selection of value-menu hamburgers from American fast food chains. Clockwise from left to right: McDonald’s McDouble, Burger King Buck Double, Sonic Drive-In Jr. Deluxe Burger, Wendy’s Double Stack. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its been one of those weeks. Over committed and stretched too thin…

Really no time to cook too many days this week. So it was fast food…

We ate Wendy’s one night. It was awful!

Another night we went to a local Mexican joint. Should have been better. Its all freshly made. It was disappointing. Who would expect Mexican food to be bland?  And really, the time we waited, I could have cooked something better.

I was really looking forward to pizza this weekend – but I think I’ll cook. I’m sick of bad food! You would think by now that we could find better fast food, wouldn’t you? Sigh…

I know, a whole couple of days and I’m complaining, right?

I’ve already got a chicken breast thawing, and a new box of organic salad. No excuses!

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