Managing back to school chaos – Fast and Filling Breakfasts

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quick healthy breakfast

It can be really hard to come up with some different breakfast ideas that are healthier, fast, and taste good.

Here are a few ideas…

Vanilla Yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.

My daughter just mixes it all up and eats it. You can also use thawed frozen fruit. The Sunbelt granola doesn’t have a bunch of chemical crap, and comes in quite a few different variations so you can sort of mix it up. And its cheap. The Bear Naked brand is pretty pricey. I’m sorry, but Kashi tastes like shredded cardboard.

English muffin with peanut butter and banana.

Self explanatory… some people like to add honey on top of it.

Smoothies with fresh or frozen fruit, and banana.

You can throw spinach in for good measure. You won’t taste it, it will just make your smoothie green. The fiber from the fruit and spinach will make the smoothie more filling.

Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa.

They really only take a few minutes to make. Just make sure to rinse the pan out when you’re done so you don’t have a mess to clean up when you get home.

So there you go, a few delicious great breakfast ideas to keep everyone running on all cylinders!

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