Fashion needs to readjust

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How do tall skinny women find clothes that fit?

While I was dog sitting last week, I flipped through some of her catalogs. There were some really cute things that I would like to have, except for one thing…

There was not a single size 2. Talls start at size 6.

You might be thinking, oh yeah, you just skinny. And that’s true. I’m back to the size I was in high school

But back then I wore size 7 or 9. I still have a pair of shorts from back then Now I have to buy size 2 or 3. And forget talls. Those have always been a problem. Why do they think that thin people can’t be tall?

They found that people bought more clothes if they felt better about their size. So they adjusted sizes to make people feel better about their increasing boy mass. Its always about the money, right?

But now we have people losing lots of weight. Have you noticed that you see a lot fewer really obese people?

I went to go buy some salad over the weekend an that section was practically bare! Amazing.

That’s great that people are getting thinner and healthier!

But what are we supposed to wear?

They obviously make clothes for the Beverly Hills crowd. They are tall and skinny. What about the rest of us?

How do tall skinny women find clothes that fit?

Are we destined to always look like we’re wearing our daughters clothes? Or spending a week’s pay to get a pair of jeans that fit?

It’s pretty unfair, don’t you think?

So, if you don’t want to have these kinds of problems, don’t learn how to eat healthier.

Once you start eating healthier, your body and your life will never be the same.

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