Fall Window Cleaning Shortcut


Well, we have a nice weekend in store. And I’m sure you’re thinking I’m going to tell you to go have fun.

Unfortunately, not this week.

These might be the last nice days to get the windows washed and getting ready for closing up the house for winter.  

You’ll want to clean the carpets before you have to close everything up too. There’s a lot of odors in those carpets that won’t rear their ugly head until you’ve had the house closed up tight for a couple weeks – know what I mean?

And of course, there’s the leaves, and the garden clean up, and gutters.

While it may not be fun, getting these things done now will make your winter more enjoyable. You’ll be able to see out of the windows, and your house won’t stink.

I’m not looking forward to hanging out of the windows. I’ll have to in order vacuum or brush off all the ‘stuff’ stuck to the screens. Or, I guess I could remove them. We’ll see what I feel like tomorrow.

But my little washing trick worked so well the last couple of years – I’m going to do it again.

You’ll need to be able to reach the windows with a spray bottle. I have to use a ladder for the second floor windows.

Fill the spray bottle with ½ water, and ½ white vinegar. Add a couple drops of dish detergent.

Spray the windows well. Give it a minute or 2, but no longer. You don’t want it to dry on the window.

Simply hose it off.

Sure beats taking the windows apart, washing, trying to get them streak free, and putting everything back. Even triple tracks take a lot of time.

This way, you’ll be done in no time!

Hey, that’s what I’m about – get it done and go have fun 😉




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