Fall Chores to Get Done Now

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 It looks like this is the week to get the windows cleaned for winter, the gardens cleaned up, and in our case, the boat piers out of the water.

You can rake leaves when its colder, but washing windows when its cold is no fun! And who wants to look out of dirty windows all winter? Winter is depressing enough!

 I like to clean the carpets before I have to close up the house, but I don’t know that I’m going to make it this year. We’ll see. I didn’t get to the blinds either. Did you?

 Did you check your furnace, and change the filter?

 How about the smoke alarms? Change the batteries? Did you know that in about 30% of home fires, the smoke alarms weren’t working?

 I didn’t know you are supposed to replace the whole smoke alarm every 10 years, did you? Mine are probably about that old.

 There should be smoke alarms on every level of your home, and especially outside bedrooms.

 Lots to get done pretty quick.