Fall Allergies Got You Down?

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Fall can be worse than spring allergies for a lot of us. Add to that the ever changing temperatures of season change and you’ve got the perfect recipe for sniffles, itchy watery eyes,  and coughing.

Is this you?

Its time to make sure you are taking your vitamins consistently to build up your immune system. Now that we’re getting out in the sun less, start bumping up your Vitamin D.  You can read more about building your immune system here – Start now so you can make it through the winter with fewer colds.

You might also want to do a good allergy clean too. Not a bad idea since we’ll be closing up the house soon.

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Make it a point to enjoy the last of the fresh fruits and vegetables! They are delicious, and they will help keep you healthy. If you have a lot and you don’t have time for canning, you may want to try freezer preserving.

Get out and enjoy every warm day as much as you can. We won’t have too many more!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂