Extremism Rules

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Hey, how about China executing the head of their version of the FDA? Think that tactic would improve food safety in this country too? You kill millions, we kill you. Kind of extreme. Americans on the other hand, are extreme on the other side. The majority of Americans just sit by and let stuff happen.

My daughter was commenting about someone the other day. She said that he was too much into all this environmental stuff – global warming, sheesh, he even drives a Prius. Then she asked, “does it really make any difference?”

Look at the flooding in China (China is a real hotbed this week, isn’t it?) and tell me if it matters.

But it seems to me that extremism rules.

Either you’re way out there for a cause, or you choose to ignore it.

Either you eat really healthy, or you totally don’t care, or you’re so obsessed that you don’t allow yourself to enjoy anything.

Either you drink like a fish, or you’re a total tee-totaler.

And the stuff these kids are doing to their bodies! I’m astounded at the pictures of freaks and demons she showed me. Oh my gosh.

It’s like everyone has to be overboard in everything they do. What ever happened to moderation? Self Control? Common Sense?

I’m constantly getting comments about the way I eat. Yep, I eat sweets. Sometimes I’ll even eat fried chicken, or French fries. They ask how can I talk about eating healthy when I don’t eat so healthy myself? Yet, my daughter complains that I’m such a freak about healthy eating, and eating fruits and vegetables. Both sides taking an extreme view. The truth is, I’m in the middle. Moderation.

If you eat enough good, you can eat some bad and still be ok.

The whole key to staying healthy and still enjoying life is moderation. Once you get that, you’ll be a lot happier.

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