Extension ladder did me in

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My renovation project has been truly backbreaking. As much as I like to think I’ll always be 35… So after spending a couple of days hanging from an extension ladder over the stairwell – I am paying.

I woke up at 3:30 this morning in excruciating pain. My sciatic nerve is inflamed. OMG.

Actually, age has little to do with this. The last time I had this was almost 20 years ago when I was putting in a block patio. We like to blame things on age, don’t we?

There is no comfortable position. Laying was the worst, and I was so tired. I made it to the computer to look up the sciatic stretch from losethebackpain.com. It didn’t help yet. I’ll have to keep stretching I guess. It must have been about 6 when I was finally able to fall back to sleep.

I called my friend Eveline who has dealt with this many times. She said nothing helped until she went to a massage therapist. She ran over to our neighbor the nurse and got some Advil for me.

Did I mention that there was still a miter saw, and a 30 gal. propane tank in my living room? They finished up the window trim today.

Oh, and they had the furnace guy over. They might put a new furnace in for me. Really? How nice. That means emptying out the utility/storage room.

Does this nightmare ever end? Yeah, I know – no rest for the wicked…

The good news is, the great room is looking pretty good. The wood furniture has all been cleaned and polished. Eveline is going to clean the carpets for me.

I’ve already started on my Thanksgiving checklist. Have you? Now at least I feel like I can start looking forward to it. I talked with both of my sisters today about the menu.

I have to remember to get a birthday cake…. Don’t let me forget!

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3 thoughts on “Extension ladder did me in

  1. Fiona

    I hope you are feeling better Carole. It can’t be any fun being in pain like that, and feeling you have 101 things to do.
    The Thanksgiving Planner is a big help to get ourselves into gear for the holidays. It’s great the way everything is broken down into more manageable chunks.
    Look after yourself!

  2. Debbie

    I literally have felt your pain. I would sleep with an icepack on my hip at night. The only thing that helped was that I found a “angled” pillow on line that propped your butt at an angle to take the pressure off the nerve when I sat. It still hurt when I stood for very long or walked but it did take the pain away eventually. All of this happened to me after I had been seeing a chiropractor for a car accident.

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