Everyone’s talking diets

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Here it comes. the weather is getting warmer and everyone is talking dieting. Some are talking surgery. Anything to look good in summer clothes, right?

Here’s the thing. Everyone is looking for some magic button.

There isn’t one that doesn’t require you to eat healthier in order to maintain your weight loss. Not even surgery. You still have to change your eating habits.

You might even try that cool healthy cookie diet to jump start your weight loss, but in the end – you’ll still have to change your eating habits.

I know cooking almost every night sounds like a horrible ordeal – until you learn the tricks of the trade so to speak. Then you’ll never look back. 

I put dinner on the table in about 30 minutes. About the same time it would take to go get something. And instead of feeling bloated and lethargic, we have renewed energy to live the other half of life.

The problem with all these restrictive diets is that you get bored, you feel deprived, and your willpower dies.

But when you know how to make good food from scratch – all of those problems disappear.  You never feel deprived and you lose weight without really trying. You never feel like you’re on a diet because you’re not.

I’ve got 3 ways to help you –

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How much better would your life be if you could just lose a few pounds a week without feeling deprived? Would that be cool? Summer will be here before you know it!

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