Even Super Woman Gets Tired

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I’ve sort of been missing in action this week…


OK, I have to admit it – things are a little disorganized around here as we adapt to the new summer schedule – people under foot all of the time – no real bedtimes, and other life hazards 😉


Add to that storms, and sucking up water and drying carpets, and trying to get the dryer to run, and saving the computer from the brink of death after a surge, even with a surge protector – and I’ve had one heck of a week.


I think I’m getting back into the groove here, but it might take me another week – provided there’s no more heavy storms.


To make matters worse, the structure of CommonSenseLiving is being rebuilt. Everything from new hosting and new service providers. Hopefully all of this will be transparent to you, but if there are some glitches you’ll know that I messed something else up!


Why all of the changes?


Up to this point, everything has sort of been pieced together, and it’s really become a nightmare to manage, especially since this is a one-person business. By pulling things together into one place it should be easier and less time consuming to manage. Plus they supposedly have one click upgrades! I won’t have to tear my hair out trying to figure it out every time. That alone is worth it.


Plus, there’s more advanced tools that I haven’t been able to use because I’m a tech dummy. They do it for you. How nice!


It will hopefully also close the holes that spammers and hackers have been using to use this domain name to send out spam. I sure hope so. I considered changing the name as a possible solution, but you know what? That’s just not a fair solution and I’m not giving in. I’ve been building on this name for years – they can’t have it! Call me a hard head.


Last weekend was supposed to be one where I could focus a couple solid days on doing this conversion work. My daughter was supposed to be gone on a trip, but that fell through. Don’t get me wrong, I love my daughter, and I love spending time with her – but I’ve gotta have some time to get some work done too! Then add some severe storms for good measure to truly test my grit.


If you visit the site and something strange is going on – please just come back later. You know I’m not great with the tech stuff! I just want to hurry up and get through with this part so I can get back to the funner stuff.


In the meantime, I’m really overloaded and very tired. If the weather breaks, things should get back to normal next week.


Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.