Even a Staycation is Too Short

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Staycations are an unfortunate side effect of the economy for most people. But not for me! I love staying home. Since I live in vacation land, I don’t feel motivated to go through the hassle or expense of going somewhere.

Getting weather to cooperate is a challenge whether you stay home or travel. This should be one of the hottest weeks of the year. Today was supposed to be near 100. Its 77 and cloudy. They still swear the heat is coming. I’m not buying it.

Maybe it’s God’s way of telling me I need to stay in and do some work over at Rebel With a Fork?

And I’ll be working on my daughter’s bedroom and finally finishing a new ebook – Perfect Fit Decorating. Its about living in small spaces, and decorating on a tight budget. My daughter’s bedroom is the size of a walk-in closet. You’ll see some of the solutions we used – including the bed I have to build.

And hopefully I’ll be able to get in a lot of sun and swimming. And there’s getting together with friends I don’t get to see very often.

Geez – one week is not going to be enough, is it?

I hope you get celebrate some freedom and do what you enjoy this long weekend – whether it’s laying in a hammock, or heading out to the festivals, or just hanging with family and friends.

Have fun, and be safe!

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