Essential Garden Tools

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English: Tools Await the Gardener In the "...

English: Tools Await the Gardener In the “Front Garden” of Hardwick Hall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Menards is having their 11% off sale again. I’m not sure if they are a national company. I think so. It reminded me that it is a good time to take inventory of my garden tools. Here are the essential tools you need to have on hand –

Trowel – which is essentially a mini shovel. I have 2 – one on each level. That is how essential this tool is.


Spade – which is a long narrow shovel. Better for digging up plants.

Pruners – and if you already have pruners, they may need to be sharpened.

Cultivator – this has a claw look. Its great for breaking up soil.

Dandelion popper – A long tool designed to dig out dandelion roots.


Trimmer – also commonly called a weed whacker.

Edger – Unless you are really talented with the weed whacker. You can do edging with the weed whacker, but you have to hold it at an uncomfortable angle.



Hose with an adjustable sprayer

A pad for kneeling or sitting on

A bucket with sand is a good place to store you hand tools. It will keep them clean and rust free.

Obviously there are hundreds of tools that you can accumulate, but these are the essentials.



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