Did you enjoy the early first taste of spring?

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Most of the US was treated to a few days of spring weather.

Did that inspire you to do some spring cleaning?

Yeah, me neither.

OK, in all fairness, I’m not home. I’m dog sitting at the lake. Nice timing! But even so, I would not have been indoors cleaning. I figure it would be an insult to God to not enjoy this gift.

But that is why we start chipping away at spring cleaning early – so that  when it gets warm (for real) we’re not stuck with spring cleaning when we want to be out enjoying the outdoors.

This weekend promises to be icky- so its a good time to knock out some of these tasks.

Here’s what we’re working on so far –

Task 1 – Pick a room or two and wash the walls. Extra points for washing window treatments

Task 2 – Wash figurines

Task 3 – Get paper piles sorted, file taxes.

Task 4 -Clean ceiling fans. Extra points for all light fixtures.

I’m not going to add anymore at this point. As far as I know, not one person has finished all of this.

And I still won’t be home…oh darn! 😉

Hey, I did clean some windows last week…

OK, before I go, I have to tell you about a really bad day.

One of the dogs had a torn ACL. She’s been on the mend for weeks, and we still have to watch that she doesn’t overdo it. With the weather being so nice, that has not been easy. So I keep her on a leash once in a while to try to slow her down. Yesterday morning I opened the door and she bolted – with me holding the leash. Nice start to the day. Fortunately I came away with scraped knuckles.

So later, I went to make chicken wraps for my dinner. They turned out totally inedible. That never happens! But it did. I had to throw it out.

But the best was still to come…

She was limping a little, so I decided to ice it. We were just sitting on the floor. She was fairly calm…and then she peed – all over my leg!

So, the next time you think you’re having a bad day – remember me!



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