Having the Energy to Accomplish Anything

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OK, this is a follow-up to yesterdays post.


You see, it occurred to me that there are additional things that keep you from accomplishing major things – and the one that tops the list is not enough energy.


‘I’m too tired.’


Most people are eating a diet full of fast foods and packaged foods with little nutritional value. You think you’re saving time, but what happens is you waste hundreds of hours every year just because you’re too tired to do anything.


You can’t expect a high performance machine to run without the right fuel, right? I mean, your Lexus requires Premium gasoline. But people try to run their bodies on corn syrup and chemicals.


Listen, I’m Over 50, a single mom, working full time AND building a business, take care of house, beach, and gardens, walk dog at least 1 mile a day preferably 2… never hospitalized except for childbirth, and take no meds.


Want to try to catch up to me? Better start eating some better fuel…