End of a Short Week

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Hooray! It’s Friday!


I’ve been a busy little beaver. Worked the job, which is going to be a nightmare for the foreseeable future. And working on the business – which I won’t bore you with – but I’ve got to get it in gear and start making some real money so I can quit the job. I did a lot this week, so we’ll see if it pays off!


The house is clean, the shopping is done, and the spaghetti sauce is made. You know, spaghetti sauce is always better the next day. I don’t like the noodles left over. How about you?


Car is filled up, ready for whatever Emma has in store for me. She needs driving practice. I guess we could get 42 hours in this weekend? We’ve both been a little leery of her driving the 5 speed, but it’s a good thing for her to learn. I’ll just come back with a full head of gray hair and a nervous tick. Just kidding – I hope… I was hoping to manifest a new car by now, but it hasn’t panned out. I’ll rant on that topic next week.


Have a great weekend. Make it a point to get outdoors. It won’t be too long before the snow is flyin’.


You know, I’ve had more people talking about how they have their Christmas shopping almost done. Is that incredible? People are getting smart and picking things up on sale, or in the case of us collectors and antique nuts, picking up cools things as we see them.


Kids are a little harder. They keep changing their minds about what their into.


Enough about Christmas! I want to enjoy being outdoors this weekend!


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Have a great weekend J