Eating Mush

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You know… there is always something, isn’t there?

Have you ever dealt with someone with dentures or teeth problems and they required soft food?

Bob, my roommate, got his temporary dentures last June, right before his daughter’s wedding.  He has complained about them from day one. He has gone in to have them adjusted a few times, but they have never been very comfortable for him. And the people over at Aria Dental don’t seem to be interested in fixing the problem.

A week ago, the denture completely fell apart. Aria Dental will not replace it or fix it, even though it has never been right. Oh, but they will make his permanents. Yeah right. Who would trust them?

So, he has spent a few days figuring out how he can go to the dentist he wants even though it is not in his dental network. I guess he has that part figured out now.

Now he needs to get an appointment. I guess he went in Saturday to see if they could squeeze him in. Of course they couldn’t. “Maybe they can get me in Monday.” Really? Make a **** appointment!

In the meantime, he’s walking around with no upper teeth. And I have to figure out dinners that require no chewing.

So, its Monday. He comes home and announces he has a truck load of wood. What? And I haven’t told him yet that the furnace is acting up again.

He had a whole litany of excuses why he couldn’t get an appointment – one being that he cannot take off work for the next 2-3 weeks. I tell you what, work would do without me one morning rather than walking around with no teeth for weeks. What about you?

So, it appears that I have to come up with more mush recipes for the foreseeable future…

shepherd's pie

shepherd’s pie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We’ve done Shepherd’s Pie, Spaghetti, Chili, and I made a mush version of chicken teriyaki on rice for him. Someone gave me a recipe for another hamburger casserole kind of thing. For him I will start the rotation again – spaghetti, chili, arghhhh! I’m so bored!

So, while he ate spaghetti tonight, I had a cheeseburger, mustard green beans, and a salad. Yum!  But that means making 2 dinners every night – and let me tell you, that gets old quick too.

I have no clue what to do about Easter dinner.

Maybe when this is over, I should make a no-chew cookbook. What do you think?

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