Eating healthy for you or for brownie points?

Sometimes I have to laugh. People often feel compelled to tell me everything healthy they’ve eaten in the last 24 hours.


Monique would tell me “Oh, you’ll be so proud of me, I ate a salad for lunch yesterday!”  hmmm, yesterday? What about today?


“Well, hummm…”


Last night I heard – “I ate some broccoli last night with dinner.”


There’s a couple of problems here.


#1 – if you’re looking for brownie points, you’re not getting any. Tell me you ate 5 servings and I’ll give you your brownie points.


#2 – You should be concerned whether I’d be impressed or not. You should be concerned that you are treating your body well, and that you look and feel better as a result.


Now Cecelia – she earned brownie points. She took it seriously. She lost a lot of weight – without dieting, and she’s not sick nearly as often. She would come in and rattle off a list of healthy things she ate that even put me to shame.


Beckie is getting it. I look at her family Christmas pictures from last year and this year and the change is incredible.


But it’s not always an easy change for a lot of people. Not at first. Breaking old habits is never easy.


There is one healthy lifestyle blogger that I really enjoy – and I think his story is really touching and encouraging. He eloquently writes about his year of healthy eating, the pitfalls, and the rewards. If you’re still wondering how hard it will be, or if you can do it – read his year of healthy eating story here >>>


Are you ready to start your own healthy eating journey yet? Click here to start >>>

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