Easter Snuck up on You? Here’s Help!

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Easter goose 2006

Easter goose (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you believe its Good Friday already?

If you’re like most people this year, you are not prepared.

Here’s some help for you –

Keep Easter Dinner Simple

All those cute little Easter bunny and lamb food ideas? Um – no time for that! A lady was talking on the radio about making Easter bunny race cars with peeps and Twinkies. Are you kidding me? Who has that kind of time? Not me!

We have ham for Easter dinner. Its simple. You can buy a pre-glazed ham. You can save money and calories by glazing the ham yourself. If you don’t want your ham to be so sweet, you can make it like my grandmother did – stud the ham with cloves and pour half a can of Pepsi on it. I kid you not. I’ve made my ham this way for many years.

I make the marshmallow topped sweet potatoes, a vegetable or two, deviled eggs of course, and some sort of bread or rolls.

This year I’m going to make steamed broccoli and carrots. Last year I made Marinated Vegetables. That was a big favorite, but my group is different this year. Green beans with almonds is always a good choice that most people will eat.

I made hot fudge brownie sundaes for dessert last year. Make these brownies, top with a good vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.

Getting the House Presentable –

Yikes! Company is on their way and the house is a disaster!

OK, calm down. Take a deep breath.

Key secret #1 – don’t worry about perfection. Ain’t gonna  happen.


Key secret #2 – keep moving. No stalling around, no admiring your work – just move.

Ready? Let’s Go!

Get all of the dishes rinsed and soaking in hot soapy water, or into the dishwasher (turn it on) 5 min.

Do you have help? If so – have a race- who can clear the most clutter? Toys put away. Dirty clothes in the laundry room. Beds made. 10 min.

Now – give one a feather duster, and another one the vacuum.

While they’re doing that, take a bankers box, or a laundry basket and throw all the paper clutter in. Stash it under the desk or in a closet. No sorting – just get rid of it for now. 5 min.

If you have the time – spray down the shower walls with cleaner. An old bath puff works great to clean quickly. Rinse and dry off to make it shine. If you don’t have the time – pull the shower curtain all the way shut.

Clean mirror.

Clean sink.

Clean toilet.

Do a quick wipe on the floor.

10 min.

Now go back and wash those dishes. They should go quickly now. Wipe up counters and stove. Get the garbage out. 10-15 min. (Get in the habit of cleaning the kitchen each night and you won’t have this problem!)

If you have more time, you can go back and fix things up a little more, if you’re so inclined. At least at this point, the house should be presentable.

OK, now you can admire your work icon wink Emergency House Cleaning   Quick Tips

You can my complete housework system here – Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak.

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