Easter Basket Ideas

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Having trouble coming up with ideas for what to put in the Easter Baskets? Here’s a few ideas off the top of my head –

Chocolate of course!

Orange or Purple Peeps – the hot colors this year 


Pedi eggs

Perfume or cologne

Manicure tools

Nail polishes, top coat, base coat

Lip gloss







Hair ties





Sketch pads

Coloring books

Playing cards


Hot wheels


Basketball – I know it won’t fit in the basket, but it is spring, and you probably need a new one. We do.



Easter wasn’t a big gift holiday. When my daughter was young, she would always get fresh art supplies in her basket. That’s when she got her new markers every year.


And I still do a basket for her. I’d tell you what she’s getting in it, but she might read this.


And nothing is stopping you from doing one for Mom!


You can do one for Dad too. Golf balls & tees. Fishing line & lures. Lottery tickets…

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