Easiest gourmet sounding meal ever!

lemon-pepper-chickenLemon Pepper Chicken sounds like it must be really complicated, doesn’t it? It sounds like something you would order at a restaurant – not something that’s easy to make at home.

You’re gonna laugh…

Melt butter in a pan. Must be butter for this recipe.

Season your chicken with Lemon Pepper Seasoning

I put a splash of lemon juice in the pan during the last couple of minutes. I don’t put it in earlier because it burns.

How long you cook it depends on the thickness of your chicken breasts.

You know that I’m really bad about taking pictures of my food. I was thinking before I dished it out that I need to remember to take a picture. Then the next thing I know, its all gone…sigh. Mine is a little more golden brown than the picture above, but don’t over cook it!

Serve with a vegetable and a simple side like a baked potato or rice pilaf or a salad. (You can find a bunch of rice recipes here…)

Who said healthier eating is hard and expensive?

Eat Healthier Without Hating Your Life… you can do this!

Image Source – Carlos Lopez–   Creative Commons License


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