Earning a Superwoman Cape

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This week is certainly going to challenge everything that I teach you. Can she make it through in one piece? And with a clean house?  😉

Last week and this week I am transitioning from one job to the other. Both places need the help – badly. Plus, I’m working on the new site in my ‘spare’ time.

So far I haven’t let my diet slip – haven’t given in to fast food – yet.

I do have to admit that dusting and vacuuming have suffered a little, and there’s dog slobber on the window, but overall the house isn’t too bad – yet.

So, how am I keeping up?

Planning and discipline.

Those sound like curse words, don’t they? At least for most people.

I plan errands that I can run quickly on the way home.

Dinner is planned before I leave.

My kitchen and bathroom routines are done every night, no matter what.

Wed. and Thurs. I’m scheduled for 10 hour days. I told you they need the help! Friday is just 8 hours.

Saturday I finally have a day off – from the jobs at least. I want to get the new site ready for launch, and I still have 2 ebooks not finished – and I’m guessing I’ll have some housework to catch up on.

Will I earn my super woman cape? Stay tuned…

Anyone been watching the development of the new site? I’ve had to learn how to use joomla – so I’ve had to do some things over again, but I think it’s smoother sailing from here on out. I have a couple things to figure out yet…


 Don’t tell me you don’t have time!

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  1. Debbie

    lol…I don’t have time…kidding…its looking good can’t wait to see it when its fully functional!!

  2. sugru

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