Dull weather depressing you too?

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Man this weather is tiresome.

My neighbor came over and the first words out of her mouth were, “Isn’t this weather depressing?”

Then she says, “how are you?”

I said, “DEPRESSED!”

So what can we do to keep ourselves from losing our minds?

Of course, there’s always cleaning house, but if you’re not a serial clean freak like me – you might be looking for some other options 😉

But this is a good time to go through old stuff and donate or throw out.

You could plan a garage sale, or

  • try a new recipe, or
  • paint a room, or
  • do something crafty, or
  • go to the library and find a good book, or
  • go to a museum, or
  • go bowling, or
  • go through old pictures with your family, or
  • learn how to do something new, like a dance, or some computer skill you could use, or
  • listen to music that gets you moving. I love J Lo’s new one, and the new Black Eyed Peas song.
  • get a new hairstyle, or
  • try a new make-up style, or
  • paint your nails a funky fun color, or
  • do some toning exercises so that if it ever does get warm and sunny – you’ll look great..

Anything that will give you a sense of accompishment will always brighten your spirits. Do something you’ve been putting off and you’ll feel great when you finally get it done!

Make sure you are getting your nutrients will help beat depression too. Make yourself do it – its worth it. You’re worth it!

Have any other suggestions? Share them in the comments!

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