Drop the cell phone, pick up your life

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We had another busy, busy weekend. Friday night I had to make a last ditch effort to buy some shoes to wear to my niece’s wedding on Saturday. Of course when I found the perfect pair of shoes for 9.99, they didn’t have my size. Figures right? So I ended up with some platform wedges – like I don’t look tall and skinny enough.

It was really hard walking around the farm in those. But the wedding ceremony was beautiful.

When we left the house, I forbid my daughter from carrying her cell phone. As a result, she mingled and talked to people – and gave them her full attention. Imagine that.

We did get lost between the ceremony and the reception, and we had to use the cellphones – but that’s what’s they’re for, right?

Then we went all night without a single text. She met and talked to a lot of people. She was engaging and present instead of hunched over the phone constantly texting. We had tons of fun. I almost killed myself trying to dance in those shoes.

We got home around 1:30. Long day!

The next day, we were heading out the door with our rafts to do some swimming and boating and general fun in the sun stuff. She took her cell phone and put it on the table, and off we went to have some fun.

Its amazing how much more fun you can have when you don’t feel obligated to answer that friggin thing every 30 seconds!

And how much more attractive you are when you are fully presentĀ for the people you are with.

Put down the cell phone and try life without it a little. Its wonderfully freeing.

And if you’re not sure, but you’ve heard that maybe the cell phone attached to your ear all of the time may cause brain cancer – read this article.


Besides, the fact that they can track your every move through your GPS and cell phone sort of creeps me out. How about you?

And now that its the hottest new advertising platform – yeah, we need that too, right?

Overall, I think its just a good idea to detach and use the cell phones the way they were meant to be used instead of letting them take over your life. Radiation aside, it just seems a lot healthier to me.

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  1. michelle_barimbad

    I can’t imagine being without my cp for even 4 hours..there was even a time in my life wherein i had my cp everywhere i go. I was always thinking maybe someone is texting me, calling me…(but the truth is nobody)…lol I just can’t live without it beyond 4 hours..
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