Dream Wasteland

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We’re better than halfway through the month of January. What’s happened to your goals for this year? Have they been put on the shelf? Forgotten about?

For me, January is sort of a clean-up month. It’s the time when I prepare for reaching my goals during the course of the year. The Christmas decorations are taken down. The figurines have all been washed and put back in their places, including all 27 of the porcelain flowers. My house slate is clean.

I had a couple of tech problems still hanging over my head from last year. I have taken focused action to resolve them. That’s why you haven’t heard from me – I’ve had my head down and totally focused on trying to solve these problems. 2 out of 4 have been solved. Then comes taxes…. sigh.

I know for me – trying to attack the goals is a recipes for disaster. You have to do your prep work, and make it fit into your life somehow. Does that make sense? Like Will Smith says in the following video, you don’t set out to build a wall, you set out to lay one brick as perfectly as you can lay it, and eventually you have a wall.



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