Don’t you dare treat me like a woman you sexist!

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Frank Bernard Dicksee. Chivalry

Frank Bernard Dicksee. Chivalry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The latest in the sexist studies published last Monday now say that being nice to a woman, and well…treating her like a woman – is sexist.

Benevolent Sexism is the new buzzword. 

It includes –

  • Being too nice to a woman, friendly is bad
  • Opening doors for a woman
  • Giving a woman your jacket because she is cold
  • Telling a woman that you want to provide for her
  • Putting a woman on a pedestal

According to this study, these covert sexist actions indicate that the awful man feels that women are the weaker sex and cannot fend for themselves or reach higher goals.

What a Crock!

I have a neighbor who just retired from the head of nursing at a prominent Chicago hospital.

Another neighbor is a scientist. She handily supported the family when her husband was laid off from pharmaceutical sales.

We have 2 VPs  on the street.

Wow, there are a lot of successful ladies on this street! And those ladies are not out doing yardwork very often, because I guess they are the weaker sex? Or because they are in the house cleaning and cooking?

OMG – How Sexist!

Bull. It is an equitable division of labor based on their strengths and skills.

Most men are not very good at cleaning house. Most women are not good at using heavy power tools. Its not to say that they can’t, its just not the best use of their skills.

These kinds of ‘studies’ hurt women more than help them.

I don’t know too many ladies who wouldn’t love being treated like a woman.

Men, here’s a heads up. 

Women want it all. 


  • We want to feel like we’re taken care of.
  • We want your jacket if we’re cold.
  • We want to be put on a pedestal.

And we want the ability to excel in our careers – which has absolutely nothing to do with what gender we are.

Ladies – 

You can be successful and still demand to be treated like a woman.

But not in the workplace 

Now I do have to say, I might find it disconcerting if my male boss or colleague were to open car doors for me. In that arena, I would find it condescending.

I did work in a man’s field for many years, and it was tough working in the old boys club. Sadly, a couple of the companies I worked for might have stayed in business if they had listened to me. But, what did I know? I am a woman.

There is a proper time and place for everything. To try and lump it all together doesn’t work.

Women are smart, and capable, and can run circles around men. We should be cared for, respected, and adored.

The real problem is not with the rare man who treats a woman well.

We should not be bashing these men. We should be encouraging more of it!

The problem is all the men who think that women are second class citizens and put on this earth to be nothing more than a sex toy and domestic slaves. Those are the men we should be going after. 

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