Don’t beat yourself up!

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No need to stressDid you notice that I haven’t posted a new spring cleaning task for this week?

That’s because I haven’t heard from one person who has accomplished all of the tasks so far, including me. And that’s OK.

See – the secret to accomplishing big goals is to take small consistent actions. I would call spring cleaning a big goal, wouldn’t you?

So far we are tackling –

  • washing walls and curtains
  • washing figurines and cleaning and polishing the shelves and tables they sit on.
  • If you’re really motivated – your could do all the shelves – books, cds and dvds…

My chosen wall projects for this year are the bathroom and kitchen.

I finished the bathroom walls. In the kitchen, I did wash the strip of wall that we would call a back splash after the dishes were done last night. I did from the doorway to the family room, across the stove, counter, sink, and other counter over to the fridge.

My problem is that when I do the walls this time, I want to get that wall paper border removed and have the walls ready to paint. I’m a little afraid of how the boys will react. That border was put up years before their mother died.  I did make sure that Bob wants it down. It needs to come down. Those walls haven’t been painted in who knows how long. Its at least 12 years.

I will do it, just not this weekend. I will be gone dog sitting at the lake. Tough job 😉

The house is ready for the weekend. If you own Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, you know we do touch up vacuuming and dusting on Friday so the house is company ready for the weekend. You never know who might stop over. Besides, we want to enjoy our homes on the weekends, right?

My daughter is coming up for breakfast tomorrow. Then we’ll just hang out for a while and then head over to the lake. She wants to help me walk the dogs. 🙂

She requested Monte Cristo’s for breakfast. It’s ham, turkey and cheese between 2 slices of french toast. You spread a little strawberry preserves in there too. Sounds weird, but its really good. My sister says there is a restaurant by her that makes it with raspberry preserves and that was good too.  I got some cantaloupe to go with it. That’s all cut up and ready.

House is clean. Laundry is done. Breakfast is ready to go. Yep, I’m ready to enjoy the weekend!

So, don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t finished the tasks so far. We’re giving ourselves until April 15 to get it all done so we’re ready for Easter, and we can go out and play when the weather finally does get warmer without the stress of spring cleaning hanging over our heads!.

Sound good?

Have a great weekend!

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