Dollar Store Christmas Decorating

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Christmas Tree Emma and me were moving kind of slow last weekend. The extra cold weather seemed to have zapped most of our motivation. So, even though we did get the tree up, we skipped the red bows, and the plastic icicles. On Sunday, it seemed to look good to us scaled back a bit.

But on Monday… it just seemed to plain. A few people had been over and looked at the tree without comment. Hmmm.

So Monday night I got motivated and put the cheap plastic icicles and the little red bows on. Ah yes, that’s more like it.

When my friend came over on Wednesday, she gasped. Now that’s the kind of reaction I want!

You can get the cheap little plastic icicles at the dollar store.

The little red velvet bows you can pick up cheap all over the place. It’s usually a package of 12. I bought a couple of packages years ago.

You can use the bows outside on your shrubs too. Fast decorating!

You can find all kinds of stuff at the dollar store.

You can hang stockings around.

You can gift wrap little boxes for decorations.

You can put little holiday floral arrangements in vases.

You can put garland around your windows.

Plus, you can pick up gift bags, wrapping paper, ribbons, and stuff like that while you’re there. If you’re making cookies and other homemade goodies, look for your packaging at the dollar store.

Just don’t burn any candles that you buy at the dollar store, unless you can find soy candles. Sometimes they have those. But otherwise, the cheap candles don’t burn well, and I wouldn’t be to sure about what toxins they might give off.

I also won’t touch any food at the dollar store.

And if you don’t already know this, the dollar cleaners don’t work. It’s a waste of time and money.

But overall, the dollar store can be a treasure trove. Have fun and get creative. It doesn’t have to cost more than a few bucks to get festived out.


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