Doing Your Best

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I am exhausted! I’ve been sort of zombie like this morning.


I just fit 2 weekends into one. I worked Friday night and Saturday night, and still managed to get in too much fun in the sun!


My abs hurt from paddling around on the raft again. Then we got picked up on a boat driven by the association president and spent a hour on the boat, so I’m a little crispy – even though I actually used sunscreen. The pres. had an ulterior motive – he wants us to volunteer at the upcoming pig-roast – which is a whole lake party event. And if we can alter our schedules, we certainly will. My daughter likes volunteering. I think it gives her a little more celebrity status. 


I also got to discuss the condition of the lakeshore. We cannot go into the water directly from the beach. It’s a losing battle, and one that I have grown weary of. You have to go in from a pier or a boat to get over the muck.


Of course, I got a lot of political answers – yes, we did a carp kill, but there was this article in the Chicago Tribune that said that the carp are dying in all lakes in this county because they are essentially spawning themselves to death. I have to look for that article. I’ve never heard of such at thing. And he had a couple of ‘nothing we can do – we didn’t cause it’ reasons for some of the other muck.


But today, I’m too tired to deal with any of it. The house is clean and I have to go to work. That’s the best I can do today.


Remember, that’s the most anyone can expect of you – that you have done the best you could today. That’s all you should expect of yourself.




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