Does what you’re wearing matter?

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Black and white leggings

You look around today and so many people are sloppy.

Sweat pants, yoga pants, leggings, big sloppy t-shirts…hair messily tucked on top of your head, not quite a bun, not quite a pony tail…

Does it matter?

Do people judge you by how you look?

You bet it matters! And yes, people judge you by how you look.

People judge you in seconds –

  • Sharp
  • Sloppy
  • Successful
  • Not reliable
  • Healthy
  • Fat
  • Interesting
  • Ugh

It happens so fast, we don’t even realize that we’re doing it – but we all do it.

But what I think is most important is how you present yourself tells both you and the world how you value yourself. Do you value yourself enough to spend a few extra minutes in the morning to look good?

Don’t you feel more confident when you look better?

I’m not saying you have to designer clothes. But your clothes should be clean and from at least the last decade. Your hair should be done. Women – your makeup should be on. Men – you should be shaved, or at least your facial hair should be groomed.

We have to stop De-valuing ourselves.

Once we value ourselves, others will value us as well.

Here is an interesting video I stumbled across. The hiring managers statements really say it all. A Career Builder segment on our local news had a hiring manager who said that if you didn’t take the time to put yourself together, that tells them that the quality of your work will be sloppy as well.


If nothing else, do it for yourself. You will feel better about yourself, and that confidence carries through in anything you do.

And don’t forget your best accessory – a big smile! That’s one accessory that will make you more attractive, no matter what you are wearing.

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