Does this give you the creeps?

Big Brother

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As I watch the newest AT&T commercial, I get scared.

As the little girl can track where her dog is going right on her cell phone, I picture the government tracking my every move as I try to run away.

The rest of the commercial with the world meeting on a wde screen, and the lady who can track her son’s every movement and even turn the lights on for him vividly reminds me of “1984.”

Did you have to read that book in school? It was the early 70’s when I had to read it, so I honestly remember nothing about the book – except for one scene that has stuck with me all these years. The one where he had to stand in the corner in his bathroom to be out of the view of the cameras.

 GPS? Whose tracking who? I’d rather use a map, thank-you.

How do you feel about all this tracking technology? Does it give you the creeps?

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1 thought on “Does this give you the creeps?

  1. Dan

    It’s all creepy and even more so since they monitor the internet and can track a lot of us this way and are probably building profiles on us all. So now they know you would ran away and avoid being tracked. LOL, they should figure a majority of us would do that.

  2. sugru

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